Digital asset management (DAM): Problems and solutions

13 September 2021
Agboakiosime Imoudu

Your company’s digital assets can be a source of joy and sorrow. While your logos, videos, and other files are valuable, they also come with challenges. For instance, how do you store, organize, and safely distribute these assets and not create a burden on your staff and resources? Keep reading to learn some of the problems associated with digital asset management and the solutions.

1. Brand inconsistency 

Brand consistency propels growth and brand loyalty. Especially for big organizations, maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that only up-to-date assets are in use can be challenging. With DAM software, brand inconsistency becomes a problem of the past. When every team member takes assets like images and content from a single central location, it becomes unlikely that old, redundant files would find their way into the digital world. 

2. Lack of asset control 

DAM solutions allow for control over company assets. Their permission-based access gives the team in charge of asset protection total control. DAM systems allow you to restrict access to select files. 

3. Storage issues 

Some digital assets, for example, videos, can be large files. These assets can create a problem of storage

for your organization. With well-known storage solutions like hard drives being unreliable and slow, companies are looking for better ways to solve this problem. Luckily, there are digital assets management systems that provide massive storage spaces.

4. Difficulty finding assets 

Looking for old assets is tiring and frustrating for your marketing team or any staff saddled with the responsibility. It takes up time that employees can spend doing some other productive work. With all assets stored in a single place, DAM systems make it easy to find them. You can even group similar assets. 

5. Continuous asset creation 

Continuous asset creation can be a drainpipe on your company’s budget. Why spend money on new asset creation when you have assets lying around somewhere that you can repurpose to meet the current need? DAM solutions do not only ensure that old assets are securely stored, but they also provide good asset organization portals. 

In summary, you can resolve most of the difficulties associated with digital asset management by investing in the right DAM solution. Find more on DAM systems at